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Toshiba HDD Mobile 500GB 5400rpm, SATA (MQ01ABD050) 8MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 2.5"

Toshiba's MQ01ABD series offers capacity up to 1TB of storage capacity using 500GB per platter technology, enabling the MQ01ABD hard disk drives to speed data processing at higher performance than prior generation products. The 5,400 RPM drive series is engineered for energy efficiency and quiet operation, contributing to longer and quieter operation on a single battery charge.

The 500GB-per-platter design, coupled with the benefits of power efficiency and acoustic performance allows PC and consumer electronics devices to provide up to 1TB of capacity with fast performance, minimal heat dissipation and enhanced power utilization in a compact, 2.5-inch form factor. The MQ01ABDseries is ideal for notebook and desktop PCs, mobile workstations, gaming consoles, DVR set-top boxes, external storage solutions and other applications requiring high capacity, durability and cost-effective storage.

The MQ01ABD drive series continues Toshiba Corporation's global commitment to Environmentally Conscious Products (ECPs) that have minimal environmental impact. As part of this voluntary initiative, Toshiba has reduced or eliminated additional hazardous substances in the MQ01ABD drives.
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